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Business Processes Guide & Templates

Business Processes Guide & Templates

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  • The Business Processes Guide & Templates product is designed to help businesses improve their processes and increase efficiency. By following a step-by-step approach, businesses can identify high-impact processes, analyze existing workflows, and create new, optimized processes. With the included resources such as checklists, action guides, cheat sheets, and training materials, businesses can implement new processes with confidence and communicate changes effectively to their team. Ultimately, this product can help businesses save time and resources, improve their bottom line, and achieve their goals more efficiently.

  • Topics Covered
  • Identify Your High-Impact Business Processes
    Document What You’re Doing Now 
    Identify Where You Can Do Better 
    Design Your New Process 
    Test, Implement & Communicate 

  • What's Included
  • Checklists (4 Pages)
  • Action Guide (14 Pages)
  • Cheat Sheet  (14 Pages)
  • Training Book (45 Pages)
  • Redesigned Process & Existing Process Analysis Spreadsheet (Excel Sheet)
  • Example Process Graphic 
  • 6 Key Steps to Creating Powerful Business Processes
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