Working Location Independent – Is It Right for You?

For most people, working location independent sounds like a dream. However, it’s not the right thing for everyone. Location independence refers to a working style that isn’t tied down to a physical location. A location independent worker may work at home or as they travel the globe. Here are the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Pro - The Freedom to Roam 

The biggest advantage of location independence is the freedom and flexibility it affords. You can travel the world working anywhere with just a computer and Wi-Fi connection. You can be an entrepreneur who manages their business from exotic locales. Or, you can simply work at home and never have to endure the commute and the hassles of the office.

Pro - Location Independence is Cost-Effective 

Location independence is a cost-effective way of working. As a business owner, you don’t need to invest in a workspace or pay utility bills. Your home is your office. If you’re working for others, you can save money on all the expenses associated with traveling to work. You can also relocate to a country with a favorable exchange rate where your pay goes further.

Pro – Control Over Work-Life Balance 

This lifestyle lends itself well to a good work-life balance since you’re not physically connected to your work. Working at home, you can spend more time with family. You’ll have more time to enjoy things you love doing. If you or your spouse wants to move, you can pick up and move without quitting your job.  

Con - Location Independence Requires Discipline 

Working on your own requires immense discipline. You no longer have your boss and coworkers to help you stay on track. You run the risk of blowing off work, which is especially alluring if you’re living by the beach somewhere. You’ll have a whole new world of potential distractions. In addition, businesses need to grow, so you’ll be the one planning your long-term strategy.

Con – Work Creep 

Location independence can be good for your work-life balance but can also be deadly for it. It’s easy to blur your business and professional life when you work remotely. New remote workers tend to spend too much time on work and neglect their personal life. If you plan to work this way, you’ll have to develop some strategies to help you maintain balance. 

Con – Tech Pains 

Technology now enables us to easily live and work anywhere, but it can also present some hurdles. Your current workplace takes care of internet and equipment for you. If you plan to work remotely, you’ll have to supply your own hardware, accessories, backups, batteries, and internet connection. 

How does location independence sound to you? Even if you feel it’s the right thing to do, keep in mind the above disadvantages and develop some strategies to combat them. Working location independent presents its own challenges, but many who do it find that the pros far outweigh the cons. 




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