How To Beat Procrastination Once And For All

Procrastination is the ultimate productivity killer. It can be especially deadly if you’re running a work-from-home business.

However, procrastination can be overcome. As an entrepreneur running your own business, you should learn some strategies to help beat it when it strikes.

The first step is to recognize it. We often don’t realize that the things we’re doing are distractions to put off something else we don’t want to do.

What behaviors do you do when you’re dreading doing something? Do you start scrolling through social media, or tackle a totally unnecessary organizational task?

Once you identify these behaviors, you can recognize that the procrastination is starting and it’s time to battle it.

One simple way to beat procrastination is to get a good start on the task you’re putting off. Put a dent in it and then you can feel you’ve made progress. 

This removes some of the intimidation factor that often leads to procrastination. 

Another good strategy is to take a quick break to refresh. Physically get up and move around or use one of your exercises to de-stress.

After some physical activity, you can get back to the work at hand.

If it’s a big task, break it up into smaller, easy-to-accomplish chunks. If it’s something long-term, decide on a daily amount of time to work on it, like 30 minutes or an hour. 

It sometimes helps to visualize what things will be like when the task is complete. This can help to motivate you to get on it.

You might also look for the reasons behind the procrastination and dispel them. 

For example, you might be putting off the task because you’ve never done it before and you’re unsure how it will go. It might help to realize that we grow from trying new things and it will be a learning experience.

Try the above and develop your own methods for tackling procrastination and you’ll never let it stop you again. 



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