Easy Hacks For Creating a Dedicated Workspace

To work at home, you need a “dedicated” workspace. This means an area of the house that’s solely for your business. 

Even if you live in a tiny apartment, carve out a corner of a room somewhere and claim it for your business.

This is an important step in staying organized and efficient, but it’s also important for your mental state. When you sit down here, you’re in work mode; when you leave, you’re off the clock.

The centerpiece of your workspace is a good surface to work at. It can be a desk or a corner of the dining room table. 

It just needs to be surface you can put your computer on that you can keep tidy.

The chair you choose is all-important. Don’t just use a regular chair from the dining room table.

You’re going to spend hours sitting in this chair focusing on your work, so it’s best to invest in an office chair that’s comfortable and adjustable. Office chairs can get incredibly expensive, so do some research to find good options in your budget.

If you have the choice, pick an area of the house with some natural light which will be conducive to a positive mindset. Just make sure there’s no glare on your computer screen.

Your workspace doesn’t have to be perfectly clean, but you should get in the habit of cleaning up the clutter regularly. If clutter accumulates, it will affect your mood and productivity. 

If you’re able to use a home office, try to create a sitting and a standing area. For example, you might have a large drafting table that you stand at for certain parts of your workday.

You may not realize it, but at the office you move around a great deal. We lose this when we settle into working from home.

Finally, make sure you have storage space for devices, tools, and files you’ll need. A shelf or filing cabinet nearby will do.

Setting up a proper workspace is a key part of starting your work off on the right foot. 



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